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Hello, so today I am going to be doing the Get To Know Me Tag, even though I have already done the TMI Tag I feel like you guys don't know me that much so here are the questions and my answers!

Vital Stats:
Name: Ailish
Nicknames:A, Eyelash, and if your Emma Lizard
Birthday:November 13th
Place of Birth: North West Of England
Star Sign:Scorpio

Hair colour:Light brown, but going darker
Hair length:Medium
Eye colour: Hazel
Best feature: I think my eyes maybe, just for my eyelashes
Braces: Yep, at the back of my teeth and at the front by the end of this month.
Righty of Lefty: Lefty

Best friend:My friend Libby, I have known her since nursery and I am still friends with her now.
Award: I think maybe my dance award, I got it when I use to do ballet
Sport:Dance, I did Ballet, then I did Jazz and Tap.
Real Holiday: I went to Disney Land Paris (4 times) when I was 4,5,6 and 7.
Concert: Girls Aloud Tangled Up Tour (2008)

Film: The Fault In Our Stars and The Impossible
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars and The Carrie Diaries
Colour: Pastel Blue
Song: Of all time is Sleeping With The Light On by Busted or Beautiful 'cause you Love Me by Girls Aloud and Whole Lotta History by Girls Aloud.
Restaurant: Doce Jardim (Sweet Garden) in Portugal, Albufeira
Store:Forever 21
Book: The Fault In Our Stars and Paper a towns by John Green and also To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
Magazine: Seventeen, Company and Teen Vogue
Shoes:My White Converse (All Stars Low White Converse)

Feeling:Happy and tired
Single or Taken:Single
Listening to: Who's David by Busted
Thinking about: What to take in my bag on Friday
Wearing: Pyjamas (bear hugs vest top and striped pink shorts) and fluffy socks.

Want Children:yes
Want to be married:yes
Careers in mind:I would like to become a journalist
Where do you want to live: In a cute little town on the outskirts London

Do you believe in:
Miracles: Not sure
Love at first sight: Maybe
Ghosts: No
Aliens: Nope
Soul Mates: Not Sure
Kissing on the first date:Erm I'm not sure
Yourself: erm I am not sure, I am not a confident person and I don't have high self esteem.
 Hope you all enjoyed this and learnt a bit about me, next week I will be back to my usual stuff and maybe this week I might start doing Music Monday and Tuesday Talks again thank you Amber for reminding me I haven't done them in a while!
Ailish Elizabeth


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