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Today I will be sharing with you somethings this month as well as the past few months.
I have decided that I no longer want to do favourites every single month, as some months I might not upload a lot and I feel like there would be too many favourites posts, or that is what it will look like and I don't want to do repetitive post. Another reason why I don't want to do them because I don't tend to use new products every month and if I like something I normally just carry on using it and therefore if I did a favourites post ever month the products mentioned would only change slightly. 
So, I have now decided that after a couple of months I will share with you some products or just somethings which I have actually really been loving in them months, and the first one starts today! 
(I did do one a few months ago though.)

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick 
In Mauve-Ment

The first thing I have been loving recently is this Rimmel lipstick. I got this for prom and it was the lipstick I applied towards the end of the night when the lipstick I got put on when I got my makeup done started to come off. I bought this because it was a slightly different shade to what I normally wear, it has more of a pink tone which I am starting to like more and it's not matte which is nice for the summer time because I don't want dry lips. Although it looked really nice at prom, I personally thought that anyway, I wore it after prom and it did look different but it still looked nice and it also stains your lips a bit so it stays on forever and I don't have to keep applying it. 
For me, this is a summer lips or as far as a colourful lip for me goes as I don't suit bright colours on my lips and I normally will wear a nude lip, but ither than that it is really nice for summer and is moisturising and doesn't leave your lips feels horrible and dry.

Miss KG Kamille White Flat Low Trainers

If you read my blog last year, you will know that I got white/ cream leather converse with rose gold detailing and they were my shoes which I wore all the time and loved so much and I still wear them and still love them. However, for Easter this year I was getting a new pair of shoes and I was looking everywhere and I just couldn't find a nice pair of shoes that I would wear more than once and that would go with my outfit and when I was giving up looking I fell upon these. 
I know that not everyone is going to like them, one reason because they have a really thick sole and also because the metallic front and back not everyone is going to like. 
However, I really like them and they are my shoes but I think I have finally found out that I only like wearing white converse or shoes like converse because they go with everything and I now like having a metallic hint. 
But, I have been wearing them all the time, they are my favourite shoes to wear at the minute, they are so comfortable and go with like all my clothes.

Wearing no makeup
This sounds weird I know, but I have loved wearing no makeup.
This kind of started November last year during mock week I think, I just couldn't be bothered wearing makeup for school and also I wanted to clear my skin up. Then, in January I started doing it again and the majority of this year I haven't wore makeup and I personally think earlier on this year you could really see a difference with it and people would comment on how clear my skin was getting due to this and also because I was drinking more water and looking after my skin more.
I also like not wearing makeup because I actually hate the feeling of it, especially foundation. I hate it touching my hands, I also hate it when it's first applied onto my face and it just always feels thick and I once I have put it on I can't wait to take it off that night.
I still wear makeup and I enjoy wearing it sometimes, but I just love not wearing makeup, especially when my skin is clear. But also not wearing makeup this year has made me feel a lot more confident with my skin, it's never been awful but in my eyes I thought it was, and I knew I was only putting it on for myself and I wasn't enjoying wearing it so what was the point so I just stopped and I am so happy I stopped kind of early on, although I wish I had stopped in year ten or something, but I just made life so much easier but it has also made me kind of feel over wearing makeup.


I am someone who likes to get a nice picture everywhere I go that is nice or I am making memories there, so I can look back on and remember that day. These pictures can be group full length pictures or selfies or just like really cute pictures and I recently just printed a lot of pictures off from a few days which I want to remember. 
So, if you have been reading my blog lately you know I have just left school, I have mentioned it too many times, and during my last year in school there were three days towards the end that I took a lot of pictures and they were my final day when I had a paint fight, leavers and also prom. I had the photographs from these days which were just on my phone and it really annoyed me because I knew I would never look at them and I didn't want them to just sit on my phone because it was just a waste of time then taking them.
So, a few days after prom I actually printed a lot of my prom pictures off and some of my pictures from leavers and the paint fight, I think I printed around 45 pictures and it only cost me £2.50.
It was that cheap because I used an app called free prints which Niamh actually used before me and I really liked the idea and realised that I could print off a lot of my prom pictures and not just have them on my phone. As I said it was super cheap and I think it does go up after your first order, I think it might go up to £4 but you are only paying for the delivery and not the actual print of the pictures which I think is really good. I am not sponsored by them even though sound like I am because I love it so much and I like the way it is a monthly thing but you don't have to use it every month, it is up to you when you use it. However, if you do get the app and sign up, I have got an in invite code which everyone gets once they have an account so if you want to use it my code is alyon39.

My Memory Wall

This kind of involves the photographs which I have just mentioned. 
If you have read my blog since the start you might know that I like to have my memories on my wall for me to see and around 3 years I posted a blog post about my memory board which had very little pictures and tickets on and I have recently re done that. I have got rid of the board because that was just annoying and I have put up all differently and I love it now.
On my wall I have my polaroids up which I now have many of and they are all in the correct order and I literally love them so much, I also have my photographs that I have just talked about on it as well as some from photobooths and also my Paris pictures and then I have small section with some of my concert and theater tickets, but it's not all my tickets. I really like having my tickets up on my wall as I have been to a few concerts and it got to the point the other year were I just had too many tickets and nothing to do with them so I put them up on my wall. Also, on my wall I have a little chalk board in the shape of a unicorn which Liv got me for my birthday and I have a little cute quote on it and then also with it I have a pass from when I went to see the early screening of The Fault in Our Stars and then also a little thing from The Vamps when me and Liv got a polaroid when we went to see them and my little necklace from when I did the race for life, I also have like birthday badges and stuff like that on them.
I personally love my wall which sounds very weird but if you don't know I share a room with my sister and it just adds a bit of my personality to my side of the room and it's like a personal touch and shows the divide in the room. 
But little side note, as you can see in the picture my side of the room is painted pink and what you cannot see is that Niamh's side is blue with pink flowers on and I actually wanted the blue side and she wanted the pink as they are our favourite colours but it didn't work out that way but I love having my pink painted wall now because one it's really nice for my pictures and it doesn't look too messy and also I have blue bedding normally and Niamh has pink bedding so the bedding and the walls kind of complement each other and it's not too much of one colour.

Love Island
I had to mention this because I have been obsessed with it.
If you read my previous post about my top ten tv shows I mentioned it and told you about how much I loved it.
I have not missed an episode and I am actually going to be so devastated and if this is uploaded on Monday which I think it will be it actually finishes tonight, I am so happy with the final four couples though.
If you do want to watch it you should go and watch it right now, but you will have to stay off social media because it does finish tonight.
I feel like everyone who watches it gets addicted to it and I know I am, but I sadly cannot describe why I love it I just do.

Cruel Summer
by James Dawson

This was my first read of summer and I thought I would share this with you, but just this one because I am thinking of doing a post on my summer reads.
I really enjoyed this book and the reason I wanted to read it was because a few years ago I read Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, which I think I might have mentioned, and I thought it was going to be a lot like that, which it was.
I read this book so quick and I was going to save it until the middle of summer when it was really warm and I could read it sunbathing because I thought it would be really summery book, which it is but you could read it when it's not summer. I read this book in two sittings I think, I could have done it in one but I was getting really tired and getting a headache so I had a little bit to come back to and read. 
I am going to put the description of the book up instead of writing my own,

A year after the suicide of one of their friends, the rest of the group decide to spend the summer together in a holiday villa in the Mediterranean. They're hoping to get over the terrible events of the previous year, but then a new guest arrives - claiming to have evidence that the suicide was actually murder. When she is found dead, it becomes clear that the killer must be one of them - but who is it? And will they strike again?
A compelling psychological thriller - with a dash of romance.

I loved this book and I was really engrossed in the book and wanted to know what was happening and I wanted the little bits to be filled in. Even though it was kind of a murder mystery it was still fun due to it being set in the summer whilst a group of friends on holiday, so although you are trying to figure stuff out it can still be a really enjoyable read.

That is all for the products and things that I have been loving recently, I have not mentioned any music because there is so much music I have been loving so I might just do a post on that.
I hope you liked this and maybe you can share some of the things you have been loving too.

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