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On the 28th June 2017 I had my prom.
I thought today I would share with you my prom experience and the preparation for it and I hope you all enjoy this.
I feel like anywhere you go prom is going to be different, even if it's only a little bit different, I feel like every school puts their own stamp on it and that's why I thought I would share with you what my school did and also my hair and makeup for prom.

For prom I got my hair and makeup done, as I wasn't going to do it myself as it would be awful it I did. I went to get my hair done at 2pm and I actually found this girl on instsgram and I had never heard or been to her but on instagram she looked good and I knew some people who had been to her.

This was the hairstyle I got inspiration from and then one I showed the hairdresser and she actually recreated it really well. At first my plan for my prom hair was a big braid at the back of my head as I do love wearing braids and I always wanted my hair up as I always have it down so it's something different. I did end up changing my hair to this as I really liked the look of a low bun which was slightly messy but I still wanted the braid and when I found this I fell in love with it and I had loads saved on my phone but this was the one I kept going back to.
This is what my hair ended up looking like from the side and the back and I loved it. She curled all my hair and then she did the braid which I was in love with, it looked so good and the braid was massive and noticeable which I wanted but it wasn't messy or anything and the back too was nice but obviously I couldn't see it and I just liked the way the front looked in picture but I did get a lot of compliments on the whole hairstyle too. Also, it lasted all night which amazed me as I thought the bun would fall out a bit but it never and it stayed in through a lot of dancing.

My makeup was then at 3pm and I had never been to this girl but again I followed her on instagram so I had seen some of her makeup looks and I knew she was good at makeup. I actually showed her one of the makeup looks she had already done which I found on her instagram and loved and asked her if it would go with my dress and she said it would as it would be a pop of colour but it's still dark so goes with the dress.

I loved my makeup so much.
It was a blown out brown blended with orange and it was just so nice. I don't think I had ever wore orange eyeshadow before prom but I would now wear it everyday because it looked so nice.
Also, I have hazel eyes, so a mix of green and brown and they are really dark but on the night of prom, I think due to my makeup they still looked dark so they makeup went well with it but they were more green and my eyes hardly ever are more green than brown so it was so weird, but I think one or two people commented on that.
I also really liked my eyebrows, I was so worried about someone else doing my eyebrows and I was scared they would be really dark and bold as they are a bit dark and big and I just didn't want that, but she didn't do that and I actually ended up really liking them.
Finally, I loved the lipstick she used and the shade of them, I just said to her I wanted a nude lip and that is what she did. Sadly, I don't know what lipstick or lip liner she used all I know is that it was a mac lip liner and lipstick and she put a NYX lipgloss on top, which also was really nice and it lasted forever. I did end up touching up my lipstick after we had ate and I used a Rimmel lipstick in 210 Mauve-ment which looked really well with the lip liner, the only thing I have to say about the Rimmel lipstick is that it looks different on me every time I wear it.

Once my makeup was done I had just over an hour and a half until I had to be at school/ you could start arriving at school, so I went home and had to sit very still and then at around 5pm I started to get dressed. That day I wore a blue playsuit as nothing had to go over my head then a ruin my hair and makeup, however it was raining all day and not the warmest of days so it wasn't the best idea I've ever had. 
These are my prom shoes which I love but won't be wearing them that often as they were not the easiest shoes to walk in; they had a 5inch heel. If you are wondering where they are from they are from Public Desire but I got them off ASOS and they are the Aisha Strappy Silver Heeled Sandals.

Once I was ready I took a few pictures at home, some of me on my own and then a few with Niamh my sister and then some with my Mum and Dad. After that we set off for school and getting into school was a slight struggle as it was raining and I couldn't walk too well in my shoes in the rain, but I got inside and sadly as it was raining we had to get our pictures inside school and not outside. I got to school just after half five, so I had just under an hour to get pictures with friends and obviously I am not sharing them with you,but everyone looked stunning. 
At around half six the teachers started to tell us to make our way over to the buses which were taking us to the venue, this was very hard as before when I was walking I had my Mum holding my bag and I had the umbrella and holding my dress up but now my Mum wasn't there to help and I had try and walk in the rain, hold my dress up, hold an umbrella up and hold my bag, it was such a struggle. Getting on and off the bus too was a slight struggle too and luckily when getting off one of the teachers put up my umbrella for me so I didn't have to get wet when I got off the bus.

Prom itself was a lot better that what I had expected.
My sister was telling me that prom was good but it wasn't anything amazing but I loved my prom so much.
Firstly, when we walked in we had the teachers who had made their own way there stood welcoming us and clapping and they we found our table and the layout was really nice there.
Once everyone had arrived we had about an hour maybe, it could have been less and we all just took more pictures with each other and then the food arrived, the food was actually really nice, we had chicken and some vegetables and a really nice mash, I think and then for dessert we had this chocolate tart with cream and fruit and caramel and a bit of honeycomb and that was nice but I couldn't eat the chocolate tart as there was too much chocolate and I'm not a big lover of chocolate. I think then we had the awards which will be in a year book and they came up on the TVs, I actually won three awards, which I didn't expect at all and was very surprised with, I won most dramatic, most reliable girl and finally the most embarrassing one, best blogger. 
After food more pictures happened, me, Amber, Gem and Liv actually got our picture taken by the photographer and I now have a really nice picture of the four of us.
Then the speeches happened and we were shown pictures of our time in the school and that was really nice. 
Once all that was done the music got turned up and it was time for us to dance and have fun and also use the photo booth.
I actually think I only stopped dancing for around one or two songs as they were rubbish songs and none of us knew them, but we had some amazing songs and there was a lot of throwback songs.
Overall, I loved prom and wish I could go back and do it all again as it was so fun and as I said a lot better than what I thought it would be like.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed writing it and if you had your prom this year I hope you had an amazing time there and loved your prom as much as I loved mine.


  1. Your makeup and hair is absolutely beautiful! So glad you enjoyed your prom. It is something I am really looking forward to!

    1. Thank you, I loved my hair and makeup for prom, I wish I could do it myself I would love to wear the makeup again.
      I loved my prom it was so much fun and I hope you enjoy your too when it is your prom.
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.
      Ailish Elizabeth


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