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Today, I am going to be doing another one of my music posts, and sharing with you the music I have been loving recently. These aren't all the songs on my playlist right now, just a few, as I thought sharing all of them would be too much! I will leave a link to every song, and the playlist.

The first two songs that are on my playlist, and that I have been loving are by FRANKIE, she has such a lovely voice, and both songs are amazing!
~New Obsession 

Of course Broods would be in this, if you have read any of my playlists posts, you would know that I think these have been in everyone! I love Broods, I think they have such beautiful songs and I could just listen to them for the rest of my life.
~Sleep Baby Sleep
~We Are The People (live)

        One Direction
Another band that was obviously going to be in this, I love One Direction so much, they are just amazing and my favourite people. Sadly when I went to see them they didn't sing either of these songs, though I am not too sure if they did on the last couple of nights of the tour. I would love to see them preform these live!

Another band I have been loving, and think are amazing is Wet, I have three of their songs on my playlist, though I am only going to mention three as one has already been in my post before.

I don't listen to Chvrches a lot, though I might start as I love their music, and her voice is amazing! As you can tell I do like bands. The one song I have of theirs, everyone knows, but it is just so good!
~The Mother We Share

       The 1975
         The 1975 brought out a new song the other week and I have been listening to it none stop since it came out, it is such a good song, I love it!
~Love Me

Alessia Cara
I recently found Alessia Cara, and thought she was amazing, her voice is so good and powerful!
I have three of her songs on my playlist, and I'm tempted to add her songs!
~I'm Yours

      James Bay
       I really like James Bay and his album is so good and I only have one of his songs on my playlist, but it is my favourite!
~Best Fake Smile

As a lot of you may know, I do like 5SOS, and they recently came out with their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, I personally don't like it as much as their first album, though I am starting to like it more.
~Broken Home
~San Francisco

Ryn Weaver
I have listened to some songs by Ryn Weaver before and thought she was okay, though this songs is amazing and her voice sounds so good, I love this song!
~Traveling Song

Adele is back, and her new song is wonderful, I love it, I have also been listening to it none stop! If you haven't heard, you need to go and listen to it now!

I really love this song, it is just so good!
~Electric Love

Betty Who
Betty Who is another artist I have only recently discovered, and actually have only listened to one of her songs, but I really liked it so added it to my playlist!
~A Night To Remember

Ben Haenow
I loved Ben Haenow last year on the X-Factor, and was so happy when he won, and he recently came out with his second single and it is perfect, he actually preformed it last night on the X-Factor and most probably was the best bit of the show!
~Second Hand Heart

Justin Bieber
The final song on my playlist is by Justin Bieber, and it is his new song and I love it, me and Niamh keeping singing!

That is some of the songs on my playlist for Autumn, if you want to listen to my playlist you can here:

What are some of your favourite songs at the moment???

Ailish Elizabeth


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