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Today, I will be sharing with you my September playlist, and the songs I have been currently listening to and I love. I haven't got a public playlist for you to listen to it, but I will try and leave a link next to each song so you can listen to it too. 

I love Halsey and think she is an amazing singer, I have four of her songs off her new album on my playlist, her album is amazing but these are my four favourite songs.
-Young God
-New Americana

5 Seconds Of Summer
So, as you can see I have a lot of 5SOS songs on my playlist, and that is because I love them and their new songs are all amazing so I had to have them on my playlist. Three songs are off their new album, "Sounds Good, Feels Good" that comes out in October and three are off the "She's Kinda Hot" EP.
-Fly Away
-Jet Black Heart
-Broken Pieces
-Over and Out
-Lost in Reality 

Amber Run
      I have mentioned Amber Run before on my blog, and I still think they are amazing, their songs are so good, and these are two of my favourite songs of theirs.
-I Found

Fifth Harmony
I love Fifth Harmony and I sing them everyday, they are amazing, I think my favourite member is Lauren. The two songs I have on my playlist are:
-Them Girls Be Like
-I'm In Love With A Monster

Little Mix
Another girl band I have on my playlist is Little Mix, you all know I love Little Mix as I went to see them last year and think I might of done a blog post on them, and I am going to see them again next year, I am so excited and I have one song of theirs on my playlist.

Again, I have mentioned Broods on my blog before, I think in my January playlist and they are featured again in my September playlist!
-Mother & Father
-Four Walls

I have two songs by Daughter on my playlist, and both of them a kind of old, but I love listening to them, especially when doing my homework, because they can make me focus.

Lana Del Rey
My next two songs are by Lana Del Rey, and I lover her and these are off her new album.
-High By The Beach
-Music To Watch Boys to

Nina Nesbitt
I love Nina Nesbitt, and have done for about three years and this is one of her old songs, that I think was one of the first I heard by her.
-Noserings and Shoestrings

Selena Gomez
I think I mentioned this song in one of my monthly favourites posts, so it seemed right for it to make a feature in my September playlist.
-Good For You

Ruth B
This song is amazing, I am not even too sure how I found it, but if you haven't heard it before you need to!
-Lost Boy

Justin Bieber
Of course this song has to be in my September playlists, if you haven't heard this song already, where have you been?
-What Do You Mean?

Ellie Goulding
I love Ellie Goulding and think her album was amazing and finally she has a new song out! The day before this song came out Niamh (my older sister) said to me "I wish Ellie Goulding had some new music" because she was listen to her album and the next day this was out.
-On My Mind

Hailee Steinfield
The final song in my playlist is by Hailee Steinfield and I first heard this on spotify and thought it was amazing and that is:
-Love Myself

That is what I have on my September playlist, I hope you liked it and maybe you found some new artists or some new songs! What are your current music favourites, comment them below?!

Ailish Elizabeth


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