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Hey guys!
Today's blogpost is going to be three hairstyles that you can wear in the summer time, and all include at least one braid. I love doing these hairstyles, they work on short and long hair as well as curly or straight hair, it doesn't matter what type of hair you have, these should work. For all three of these hairstyles I have used the dutch braid, however if you want to you can do them with the french braid.

You will need
~ A backcombing brush, I used this to section off my hair.
~Hair clips
~Hair bobbles
You will need these to do all the hairstyles, but for some you may not need one or two things.

Backwards half up half down dutch braid 
You will need:
~Backcombing brush
~Hair bobbles
I love this hairstyle for an everyday look, and is great for school to get some of your hair off your face.
1~ Firstly, you will have to section off your hair, I like to section off from the arch of my eyebrows and up, on both sides, this will leave you with the section of hair at the top of your head.
2~I will then make sure I have all the hair that is not suppose to be in the braid tied up/ out of the way.
3~ Once you have done that, you will take a small section of hair from the front of your head and start braiding, doing the first stitch.
4~After you have finished one stitch you will pick up hair from both sides of the braid and do another stitch, and pick up hair again.
5~You will carry on doing a stitch and pick up, a stitch and pick up, until you have either run out of hair, or in my case got to the back of the top of your head.
6~Then, you will tie it off with a bobble, making sure it is secure, or if you don't want the look of the bobble you can just clip it up, I know people in my school do that, but I don't think it secures it in place.
This is what it looks like, mine was a bit messy looking, but I still like it.

Front braided crown
I love this hairstyle, and is one of my favourite hairstyles of all time. Again you can wear it for school, however I love wearing this on sunny days when I'm off with summery clothes, or you can wear it for weddings and christenings, I wore it for a christening the other week, with straight hair and a bit less messy and it looked amazing!
For this hairstyle you will need all the items I listed before,
~Backcombing brush
~A hair bobble
~Hair clips
      1~Firstly you will need to section off your hair, I section off from the top of my head to just behind my ear,so it is kind of 1/4 of your hair.
2~Then with the rest of your hair I will tie it up at the back so I don't put that in the braid.
3~Then, tilt your head to the side and pick up a tiny piece of hair from behind your ear, and do one stitch.
4~Then, instead of picking hair up off both side, just pick up from the one nearest to your hair, don't pick up any hair/ put any hair into the one near your face.
5~You carry on doing this all the way across your head, until you have no hair left.
6~Now, you will braid all the way down, with no picking up and put a bobble at the end.
7~Now, you pull/pancake out your braid, to make it seem bigger and like you have more hair than you do.
8~Once you have done that, take out your hair at the back and pick up the top section of hair at the side the braid will be clipped at.
9~After doing that, clip up the hair and take out the bobble and take the top section down, and you have finished.

Two dutch braids
You will need:
~A backcombing brush
~Two bobbles
This hairstyle is super easy and cute, and really quick to do.
1~ Firstly, section your hair in half, down the center of your head.
2~Now, take a small piece of hair at the top of your hair and do one stitch of the braid.
3~ Then, pick up hair off both sides and do another stitch. 
4~Again, you repeat this, stitch, pick up, stitch, pick up, until you reach the bottom of your head.
5~Then you carry the braid on to the bottom of your hair, and put in the bobble.
6~The repeat this on the other side of your head.

I hope you liked these hairstyles, and try them out yourself .
Thank you for reading
Ailish Elizabeth


  1. You honestly have the most gorgeous wavy hair! Especially in the 3rd pic down! I love the styles, especially the 2 braids, they are so pretty!

    Noire Beau

    1. Aww, thank you, sadly the waves aren't natural, but I do wear them everyday nearly! I also love having my hair in two braids, it so simple, but cute! Thank you for the comment xx

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