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Hey guys! Today, I am finally going to do a post about my trip to Paris and share some pictures from my short stay there.

At Midnight on the 14th of May, I set off from my school, on a around about 16hour trip to France, specifically Paris. My trip to France was a 3 day school trip that I had been waiting for since October, so around about 9 months.
As you can see on the picture above one I had a count down and two I had went down the Disney theme and was using my Snow White suitcase from when I was little, and surprisingly this fitted two outfits, some food, my straighteners and shoes, and the way home I fitted in a mug and a bowl.
The bus we got to France was an okay size, but wasn't the biggest and since Amber and I had blankets, I had a pillow and she had a travel pillow and both our bags and a huge bag full of food, it was a little small, also we let the boys in front of us have their seats back. But, Amber and I did get comfortable and I actually ended up falling asleep, once for around half an hour and then again for about an hour, and me and Amber had our legs across each other so we did lie down a bit.
We got to the ferry departure place at around half seven and got on the ferry at around eight, and we had breakfast on it, and on the way there the ferry wasn't too bad, just we weren't use to it and did make you fell a little bit sick. We actually got ready the ferry, so we brushed our teeth, washed our faces, did our make up, got dressed and did our hair, in one of the bathrooms, and we took up one side of the bathroom. Sadly, one of my nails fell off when getting ready, it was my thumb one as well, Niamh had done gel nails with her UV light and everything two nights before, and they didn't last the whole trip, I was so sad!
This picture is of Amber and I, in the ferry bathrooms, after we had got ready, our makeup actually turned out good, even though we could not stand still because the ferry was shaking. We got off the ferry at around 11o'clock french time and 10o'clock UK time.  The first day we actually got to try out our French, when we stopped at a service station at around 1 or 2 and we all got something to eat, I ordered some chips and I was worrying so much inc case I said it wrong, I never and I got the chips. If you are wondering what I said, I said "je voudrais portion de frites  S'il vous plaît?"
After that service station stop, I don't think we stopped again, we just went straight to Paris, to the Eiffel tower. We drove through Paris and we saw the Arc de Triomphe, (Ariana Grande was actually there the same day as us and went to the Arc de Truimphe the same day!) we also saw all the typical cute mini side roads in Paris, that I was obsessed with and sadly only got one picture of. As you can see it was raining the day we went, but it stopped when we got out the bus!
We actually parked a bit away from the Eiffel tower and had to walk to it, but I liked that better as we got to see it from a distance. We got a lot of pictures of us under the Eiffel tower, above this there is one of me and Liv, Liv must of been freezing because I was and I wan't wearing a skirt. 
We all got our tickets and went up the Eiffel tower, we went up in the lift and I hate lifts so I went up with my eyes closed holding onto someone in my year, I don't know who because it was that busy in it, I think it was Amber and Laura, but I am not too sure.
Once we got up the view was amazing! I did have another picture but I have just deleted it! We went to the second/third floor, I am not too sure, we were going to go all the way up, however we did not have enough time as it 40 minute queue to go up and it was around about half five and we had to be back at the bus by six.
But before we went down, we did get a picture at the top of the Eiffel tower, on the way down we went down the stairs and I was so scared, as they were wet and metal, so they were slippy, at one point, as soon as you got on the, you had nowhere to hold on.
Amber and I tried to get a picture with the Eiffel tower, it didn't really work. After the Eiffel tower, we went to our hotel, that was around an hour away, or maybe just a bit more.
The next day was... DISNEY! 
Our room, was up at half six (half five uk time) to get ready, as we had to be at breakfast at half seven. In that hour I did my hair and got dressed, I didn't put any make up on until after breakfast. When we came back to our room, we had some of our friends in there and Taylor Swift on Amber's speaker and I did my makeup. We were all so excited and we were running around to each others rooms seeing what everyone wad wearing and taking pictures. This is a picture of Amber and I outside of our room, my playsuit is from New Look.
We left for Disney at around quarter to nine/ nine o'clock (just take an hour off to get the UK time). We got to Disney at 10 or just before 10, but we didn't get into the park till around half ten, I know this because, that is what time I bought my ears at.
When we first got into Disney, around 15  of us stayed together and then we just lost everyone and it ended up being 6 of us. 
The first place we went was the Alice in Wonderland maze, it was a bit fun, and we did get lost. It was good we went first thing in the morning, because we walked past it at like 2o'clock and people were queuing to go in. The first picture, is me in a mini door and the second is the view from the Alice in Wonderland castle.
The second ride we went on, I am not too sure what it was called, but you go on a little boat and you see scenes form Disney fairy tales, this one of course is Beauty and The Beast, my favourite.  After this we saw and met the mice from Cinderella, who were so cute and gave us all hugs and the picture with them is so cute, they were dancing with us and everything, then we met the penguin form Mary Poppins and Mr Smee from Peter Pan. Once we met them, we went on rides, we went on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride, what was not as good as we expected. Then we split up and met up with another group of friends and four from our group and three from their group went on the Indiana Jones ride, that was amazing and the queue was so funny. After that we split up again, so there was only four of us and went on Thunder Mountain ride, again amazing, queue was so long though, we actually took selfies on this ride, if you want to see one, it is on my instagram. Then the final ride we went on was the Haunted Mansion ride and there was eight of us on this one as we met up with a different group of friends. We loved the lift part, it was so funny and scary as the man kept coming up to us and saying scary stuff to us without us knowing he was there, but then the ride itself, I did not like me and my friend Jess sat talking about the day the whole ride and took a picture in the mirrors at the end of the ride. After this we walked through the park, we started dancing, and went to Fantasy land to try and meet some Princesses, however we were too late so we split up again and four of us, me, Amber, Gemma and Lili all went to try and meet Micky Mouse. It was a 50minute wait and we had to meet up at the front of the park in an hour and we also needed to go the shop, so we waited and watched cartoons for around 20 minutes and then we went to one of the shops and I spent 40 euros. Sadly we could not watch the parade, instead we walked through everyone who was sat or stood waiting for it to start.
The second night/last night for me was my favourite night! We piggyback race, Liv and I lost, she fell off my back twice and I fell on the floor and got a carpet burn. Then after the funniest meal ever, we went into the girls room who was next door to mine and one of my friends got put into her room and sang In The Jungle to her, but there was around 12 of us doing this, clicking our fingers walking in a line to her room. That night we also had to do a quiz night, for an hour but none of us had packed so we did the quiz till half nine and then we went to our room put on our pjs and went back downstairs and had all our sweets in the middle of the table and just talked and ate, then at ten we had to go back to your floor, because girls and boys where on different floors. We were allowed out of our rooms till half ten so we all went to each others rooms. After that I had a shower and then packed at like eleven, that was bad Amber was still packing at midnight. That night was so fun, me and Amber stayed up till around 2, just dancing, singing, laughing, running away from a spider and eating, we also got the boys in the room diagonal to us,to take a picture of us on our balcony. Also, that night a lot of snapchats were sent.
The next morning was the worst, ever! Our alarm went off at 5:45 (UK 4:45) so we could get ready for breakfast at 7 and also make sure we were packed and ready to go, I think there was another reason aswell. However, I got out of bed, switched the alarm off, switched the next alarm off and we decided we would go asleep for another 5 minutes. That 5 minutes turned into half an hour to 45 minutes. I actually only woke up because Amber woke me up asking what time it was and because my phone was on the other side of the room I looked on my ipad and it said 5:20 (UK time) and we rushed to get ready and get Laura out of bed. Also, unlike the day before, after breakfast we had to be downstairs at 7:45, so since Liv and I didn't eat the morning we went back to our rooms and made sure we had everything. Once we left the hotel, I think I actually fell asleep on the way to the River Seine.
We where on the boat for around an hour and a half or so, and we where on top of the boat and kind of cold but wasn't. We saw how pretty Paris is when we were on the boat, it is so beautiful. We saw just little cute buildings and we also saw things like the lock bridge and Notre Dame and of course the Eiffel tower again. 
They were the main things we did in France, and the way home we stopped for an hour at a shopping center, and it was just amazing, the hour went so quick. I only went to two shops, Sephora and KIKO! After that we went to Calais and got on the ferry home! After that we had around a 7 hour journey home, and we only stopped once at 10 for people to get food, but I wasn't hungry.

I loved my trip to France, it was amazing, I really want to go back one day. I hoped you liked this blog post, it is a bit different to what I normally do, but not too different!
Ailish Elizabeth


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! so jealous always wanted to go to Paris!

    1. I did! It was amazing and was so fun to experience it with some of my best friends! Though three days was not long enough! Xx


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