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Hey guys!
So this time last week I went on a school trip to France for 3 days and I thought I would do a haul on what I bought whilst I was there. 
We didn't get to go to that many shops whilst we were there as we had set times to be places, but i did get a few things. On the first day I never bought anything, as we had to get back to the bus once we got off the Eiffel tower, so I only started buying things the second day and here they are.

Day Two- Disneyland Paris
Pink Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears- €16.99
The first thing I bought in Disney were a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, because you can't go to Disney without them, though when I went when I was little, never did I get a pair of ears! Though these look cute and nice they hurt so much to wear, and my friend said that behind my ears were bruised on the way back to our hotel.

Cherry LolliePop- €2.99
I also bought a lolliepop because my sister, Niamh asked for one and decided to get one myself as we when we were little we would get them. I am still eating it and it is so nice but there is so much of it.
Tinkerbell Mug- €11.99
Before we left Disney, couple of friends and I went to the shop, where I fell in love with this mug. If you don't know my favourite Disney character that isn't a princess is Tinkerbell, I have saw all the Tinkerbell films, except the new one. I had to get this, as I realised that own nothing Tinkerbell. Just to clarify how much I love Tinkerbell, for my birthday I got a Tinkerbell cake and once when I went to Disneyland Paris I kept shouting Tinkerbell throughout the Parade, then she came over and gave me a hug! I felt so loved!
Disney notebook-€12.99
Minnie Mouse pen- €5.99
The final things I bought in Disney were a notebook, that actually is double sided, so once you reach the middle you flip it over and have a different design on the pages. I am unsure on what I am going to use the notebook for at the moment, if you have any ideas comment them below. I also got the pen, what is so hard to write with, as the top is so heavy, but it is so cute!

Day Three- River Seine
Paris Bracelet- €3.50
On the last day in Paris we went on a boat cruise on the River Seine, what was so pretty and we got to see a lot of Paris. When we got off the boat our group was allowed to go into the little shop next to it, that didn't have a lot in there, however Amber, Liv and I all saw these bracelets and got them in different colours.

Day Three- Cité Europe
Before we left France on the last day, we went to a shopping centre in France by Calais, what was a bit like the Trafford Centre, we only had around an hour in there, so I only got to go to two shops, but loved what I bought!
The first shop that I went to was Sephora, and I spent most of the hour in there. Since we don't have Sephora in the UK, I was so excited to be there and was so amazed by it, a lot of the make up in there we could get from the UK, except for a few bits.
Benefit Porefessional - €10
The first thing I bought was a mini of the Benefit porefessional, as I really wanted to try it out and it was only €10. 
Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara- €10
When I bought this, we could not get Make Up For Ever in the UK, however I think it has just been launched in Debenhams, in London this week, so I still can't get it! I have been using this mascara since I got it and it is so good and makes my eyelashes stand out more.

Kiko, Lipbalm in 02 Apricot- €5.96
Again, Kiko is in the UK, however they are nowhere close to where I live, so as soon as I saw the shop I had to go in. Kiko was so affordable and I can't believe I got this lipbalm for such a cheap price. I forgot to take a picture of the actual lipbalm, but it is such a pretty summer colour.

The Ferry Home
Benefit, Speed Brow- £11
The last thing I bought on the School trip, was actually bought on the Ferry home, and that was Speed Brow, I really wanted something on my eyebrows, that didn't fill them in too much and made them look smaller and this was so right. I also got it for £11 instead of £13.

That is all I bought, whilst away in France, I hope you enjoyed it. I am thinking of doing a blog post on about my trip to Paris on Sunday, comment down below if you would want that, or any ideas I could do for my blog posts!

Ailish Elizabeth


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