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Hey guys! I can't believe that April is already over and it is now the start of May, this year is going so quick! During the month of April I had a few favourties that I am going to share with you, I'm sorry there wasn't a March Favourites.

Here is a picture of all my favourties!

April, wasn't my month for beauty products, I didn't wear that much make up and have actually stopped wearing it for school and if I don't have to.
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
One of the beauty products that I have fell back in love with is the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. I love this and I started to use it again because my lips were just pealing and I have been using it at least once a day to get rid of the dry skin off my lips so they don't peal.
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lips in Orion
This lip gloss has been mentioned in a few of my blog post this month, because I have been wearing it all month. This lip gloss has been my go to lip product, I love it. It is a lovely nude lip gloss, however it isn't too nude. Also, since I have been going off wearing pinks on my lips, it is a good colour to wear in the months of transition between Winter and Summer.
    Soap&Glory Thick&Fast mascara
This has been one of the only make up products I have been wearing this month other than lip gloss. I haven't stopped wearing mascara, and I wear this nearly everyday and it makes my eyes look a lot bigger and make my eyelashes longer.

This month been trying to get my skin to look better and these two products I've started to use again this month.
Simple Moisturiser
I got this for my birthday off Liv, in a Simple gift set, however when I used the gift set I had an allergic reaction to one of the products, so I didn't use them anymore. However, this month I needed a new moisturiser and I thought I would try this to see if it was what gave me the rash on my face. Luckily, I was not allergic to it (I think it is the one of the other products) and I've been using all month and it makes my skin feel so nice and soft.
  Nivea Cleansing Mousse
I got this late last year and used it a lot and then I just stopped using it, for some reason. I started using it again this month and I use it after I have showered and rub it into my skin and then wash it off and it also makes my skin feel really nice, clean and soft.

I didn't really know what to put in my clothing favourties and then remembered, these shoes. Yes they look dirty, they need cleaning, but I'm in love with them. They are from New Look and are so comfortable, they go with a lot of my clothes and make them look more summery.

 April was my month for reading, I think it was because I was off, I read four books in April.
      A Little In Love//Susan Fletcher
I read this book at the beginning of April, and it was the story of Les Mis, but from Eponine's point of view, I have done a review on this and will leave it at the end.
     I was Here//Gayle Forman
This was the second book I read this month, and I loved it. If you are wondering what it is about, it's about a girl (Cody) whos best friend(Meg) has moved away for college and then commits suicide and it is about Cody finding out why Meg committed suicide and trying to find herself and learning to live without Meg.

    Where She Went//Gayle Forman
After reading I was Here I picked up my kindle and started reading Where She went, what I got last year after reading If I stay, as it is it's sequel but I couldn't get into it, however when reading this time I read it in less than a day. I also liked it was in Adam's point of view and I love Mia and Adam and wish there was another book.
   Say Here Name// James Dawson
The final book I read this month was a bit different to what I normally read, it was more of a horror book about Bloody Mary. It was set in a all girls boarding school (what reminded me of Malory Towers) and one Halloween two friends and a local boy say Bloody Mary in a candle lit mirror five times and basically Mary is after them and they have to try and stop her before she gets them.

  Random Favourites

My youtube favourite of the month is the SacconeJoly, I love them and have watched them for more than a year and I've been watching them more and more and on time in the month of April.

This month I have fell back in love with listening to Birdy, I just think she is amazing and somehow I just started listening to her again in April!

So that was my April Favourties, I hope you liked it!
Ailish ELizabeth


  1. Lovely post, Ailish! It seems like forever since we last spoke. I love Lush lip scrubs. I still have the one from their Valentine's Day collection. It smells amazing! Also love those shoes. They're super cute! x

    I just posted my April favs too! Keep up the awesome work, Ailish! x



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