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Hey guys! Today's post will be a little different I am going to be doing a book review, the book I am going to be reviewing is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. 

Title: All The Bright Places
Author: Jennifer Niven
Number Of Pages: 378
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Star Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

This book is about two seventeen year old students, one a boy called Theodore Finch and a girl called Violet Markey. These two teens are polar opposite to each other, Finch a "freak" who has around two friends and Violet  a popular, who is a cheerleader and has a big group of friends. Though these two are so different to each other, they are so alike.

Finch and Violet meet on the first day of school after Christmas on top of the school bell tower, both contemplating if the should jump of it or not. They are both on the bell tower for two reasons, Finch is up there because he is fascinated by dead and has mental issues that no one has picked up on. Whilst Violet is up there as she had previously lost her sister to a car accident one icy night and she still doesn't understand why Eleanor, her sister, died in the car accident and she is trying to be with her and like her.

After they meet on the ledge of the school tower and they have both saved each other from jumping, they pair up to do a geography project were they have to go and find local wonders. Through out the book you see the two going to find these wonders and you see the true Finch and Violet and how they are different to what people think they are.

What I thought;
 I loved this book, it was unlike any book I have ever read before. This book was said to be like The Fault In Our Stars mixed with Eleanor and Park ( what I have never read). When I heard is was to be like The Fault In Our Stars I was a bit reluctant to read it, as I loved it so much, however this book was as good as The Fault in Our Stars and I cried nearly as much as I did reading this book as I did reading The Fault In Our Stars. 

All The Bright Places was an excellent read, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through and I just wanted to finish it to see what happened, but then I didn't want to finish it because it was so good. Through out the book you fall in love with the characters and you see how different and similar they are. Also the way Jennifer Niven described them was so good as through out the book you could picture them as you had a clear image of them.

I really recommend this book,as it was such a great read and Jennifer Niven is an amazing author, one thing I will say is be prepared to cry when reading this book.

Ailish Eizabeth

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