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Hi guys! Today's post is going to be me showing you some of my Autumn clothes. I did a post like this in Spring, so I thought I do another one for Autumn.

Because it is Autumn and nearly Winter, I have took a trip to the dark side of my wardrobe and I thought I would show you some of the clothes that I love wearing in Autumn.

First is this dress that I got last week from New Look. It is a lovely tartan pattern in green and navy. At first I thought I would not like this dress, however I love it. I pair this with a pair of black tights and black brogues.

Another dress, this dress I got at the end of summer from Forever 21 and was in love with it, I loved the colour, I loved the style and I loved how I could pair it with so many things and it would still look amazing. However, I have went of the dress a bit, I am not too sure why, I think it could be because it falls off my shoulders, because of how low it is at the front and back it is wide across my shoulders, so it falls off them. But other than that, I really like it.

My final dress is this black one, I got this last summer from New Look, and I never got that much wear out of it. However, this year I have wore it no stop this year, and like to wear it with a big cardigan, when it isn't too cold but not too warm.

My first blouse is this boxy crop top, white with black love hearts all over it from Very. This blouse is so me, I love boxy crop tops and I love blouses, so of course I love this blouse. This looks amazing with a big scarf and I big coat, it make it perfect for Autumn.

My second and final blouse is this one from Primark, what was shown in my End of Summer Haul. This blouse is supper cute, especially the collar. I love the black and white gingham print, I just love it!

This black skirt is from Miss Selfridge and actually isn't mine, but my sister, however I do steal it and wear it with my blouses and it looks so cute! I know in the picture it doesn't look very nice, but it is!

This is my favourite thing, it is my new coat. This is the Carla Checked Boyfriend Coat from Boohoo. This is like my favrourite thing right now, it goes with everything and like most things, I just love it! 

This scarf, this scarf is just amazing! It is massive and goes down to around my knees and it does look like a blanket, as people like to tell me! But it does go with nearly everything and it does keep you warm. This was only £5 from Primark and such good quality.

Finally are my shoes, these are my brogues, I love these. They are so pretty, they are cute and perfect. They look so nice with skirts and dresses! They are perfect for Autumn.

Ailish Elizabeth

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