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Hiya guys! I am so sorry I have not uploaded a blogpost in two and a half weeks and that is because, the end of not last week but the week before I was packing to go on holiday and then last Monday to the Monday I was on holiday in Portugal and I didn't have time to write and upload a post and the wifi in my apartment was good but sometimes very slow, they are my excuses on why I haven't uploaded now on to today's post! 

Today I am going to show you for simple hairstyles four school, I am going to be doing about two or three back to school blog post this week and next week as I go back next Wednesday so I have just under a week. I want to do this post and then a back to school makeup look and then I'm doing maybe one or two end of summer post, but forget about that for now and focus on some super cute and easy hairstyles!

                  Two Plaits Back

Out of the four hairstyles this has to be the second simplest as all you have to do is plait two pieces of your hair backwards. 

To do this look you will need;
- clips (I use four)
- a back combing brush
- a comb (maybe)

To start this look you need to section off a piece of hair at the front of your head, that is not to big that your plait will be massive but not too small that you won't even be able to see it.

Then what you want to do is pull that piece of hair backwards on a diagonal (towards your ear) and plait is loosely, you want to plait it loosely as once you have done the plait put a clip on the bottom and start pulling on each stitch of the plait to make it bigger. 

After that section a small bit of hair at the crown on your head and put it over to the other side of your head. Whilst it is on the other side of your head clip your plait on a diagonal up, where the hair will fall over it. 
Bring the hair back over and finally back comb it to give it a bit more volume, then do the same to the other side of your head.

             French braid across hairline 

This hairstyle for me is so easy, however it can be difficult for some, so if your don't know how to do a french braid go and watch a tutorial on how to because I am rubbish at explaining how to do it.

For this hairstyle you will need;
- clips
- a comb

First you will need to use your comb and section the front part of your hair into a side part ( only the front), it can be a deep side part or not a deep side part it your decision.

Then start by taking a small piece of hair at the beginning and split it into three pieces and plait it once then pick up small section of hair on both of the outer sides of the plait and do another stitch, keep doing this till it is online with the end of your eyebrow. I personally like to carry it on a bit as a plait only so if it falls out the braid won't fall out but the plait. 

Once you have finished I like to pick a bit of hair up and clip the braid up under the hair so my clips are hidden. This hairstyle is great if you have P.E as you can just throw your hair up into a pony tail in P.E and it won't be a simple pony tail but a cute one! 

                Half up, Half down

This look is the simplest out of all the hairstyles, as your don't need to plait or braid or anything, just tie up half your hair.

For this hairstyle you will need;
- a bobble
- a comb 
- a brush 
- a back comb brush
- a scrunchie

All you have to do for this hairstyle is use your comb to section off your hair from the front of your hair. Then all you need to do is back comb that hair then put in your bobble. If you have a scrunchie add it. Once you have tied it up just back comb the part you have tied up back comb it for more volume. After that just brush through your hair.

                  Dutch side braid 

This is most probably the hardest to do but once you learn how to do it, it is the simplest thing ever and you can do it super quick.

For this hairstyle you will need;
- a brush
- a back comb brush 
- a bobble 

First thing you have to do is just brush through your hair, so it is soft and when you braid it, it won't all knot together. Once you have done that you just want to do a side part, using the end of your back comb brush, with the rest of the hair just take it around the back to the other side.

Now you have done that it is were you need to start to braid your hair. Just take a small piece of hair from the top of your head and split it in three and Dutch braid it. (A Dutch braid is basically just a reversed french braid, I am bad at explaining so it may help you to find out on YouTube.) Once you have done one stitch pick up hair from both sides and do another stitch, you carry on doing this till you have no more hair to pick up and then you just plait your hair down, in Dutch braid way.

I hope these hairstyles help you, they are great for school and are super quick to do. Again, I am sorry for not posting a post in over two weeks, sorry!

Hope you liked this post!

Ailish Elizabeth



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