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Hi guys, today's post is going to be on how I like to relax on Sunday night before I have school the next morning.
When I like to relax I like to take a bath and I always use a bath bomb, this bath bomb is from Lush, however it was one from Christmas and I have forgot the name of it, but then sent of it is so lovely and floral.
Also when I have a relaxation night I want to feel amazing and to do that I use the Soap&Glory Scrub Of Your Life, it makes your skin feel amazing.
And all I do to make my bath amazing is run then just put in my bath bomb what made my bath turn a bright pink colour.
When I'm in the bath I personally like to read a book and listen to music and tonight I read Paper Towns by John Green and listened to a girly playlist on Spotify. 
I am all for looking after my skin, so once I was out the shower I washed my face using the Neutrogena Daily Scrub and then mostiurised my face with the Clean and Clear Moisturiser.

I then brush out my wet hair.
I then go and dry my hair, and I am obsessed with using hair products so before I dry my hair I put on the VO5 Smoothly Does It mousse to stop it from drying into a frizz and then I put on the VO5 Pump It Up spary, this just gives it volume and the finally I put on the VO5 Heat Protection spray.
I dry my hair till it is damp and then put on more of the mousse and then some VO5 Give Me Texture spray.
I have been putting my hair in two damp plaits over night and spry them with the Give Me Texture spray to create a beachy wave look the next day.
Then I go on Netflix and pick a film out to watch, today I picked to watch Wild Child as I love this film and sometimes I just want to watch a really girly film.
Whilst watching the film I go and read any blog posts that I haven't already read.

So, yep that is what I do to relax on a Sunday night, I am currently sitting in my room under a blanket watching Wild Child whilst writing this, so I will go and finish the film. I hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed taking the pictures and writing it.
Ailish Elizabeth


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