Sock Buns

Recently my friend has made me in love with a fabulous hair style... The sock bun. Sock buns are great for a lazy day, when your hair just doesn't do what you want, it creates a cute messy bun or for a day out, for the days you want your hair to look amazing, so it also can create a perfect ballerina bun. I don't know if it was just me, but I use to struggle so much to get my bun to look right when using a doughnut base however using a sock it is so simple and easy, I know strange right. Unlike the doughnut base you can make your bun however big or small you want as it is up to you what size sock you want to use.

How to make a sock bun

Making a sock bun is really simple once you know what to do.        

Things you will need: 

- A sock, prefrebly a new sock or may be an old odd sock. 

- Scissors 
-A bobble
-Hair clips/grips


1- Get your sock and using the scissors cut of the toe end of the sock, this leaves you with a sock that does not cover your toes.

2- Now once you have don that you tie your hair up into a pony tail, not too high as your bun may look like you have two heads if it is too high, I prefer to do my mid head, at the crown of my head. 

3- Next you need to scrunch up your sock, you do this by placing the sock over your arm and gathering it all together, it kind of looks like a scrunchie once you have done that.

4- Once you have done that hold your pony tail high up in the air, stretch it out length ways. Place the sock at the end of the pony tail, gathering all the ends of your hair around it.

5- Now grab the bottom of the sock and twist it around, like you are making it inside out, you keep doing this until it has picked up all your hair and your hair is covering the sock.

6- When you have done that you need to secure the bun in place using hair clips/grips, if it does not feel secure enoughth then add some hairspray to keep it in place.

7- you can skip this step but since it is coming into spring it is always nice to decorate your bun and add some colours, it could be adding a cute pastel bow or a colourful headband, it is up to you. 

Now you know how simple it is to make such a cute and amazing hairstyle try it out yourself. 

Your bun should turn out something like this, this was my first attempt of a sock bun.

That is all for now, love 
Ailish xo

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