March Favourites 2014| Ailish Elizabeth

Hello, so since March is over for this year I thought I would share some of the products I have been in love with this March.
To start of with I have fell back in love with my Baby Lips by Maybelline, I own two Baby Lips them being Peach Kiss and Cherry Me, both of them lovely colours. I have been loving applying them before I leave the house every morning to finish off my look, they just add a bit of colour to my plain make up look and my uniform. Peach Kiss is a lovely nude lip balm with a bit of gloss to it, it can tone down any look and for the days when I feel very tired, that be in school or out of school, it can make you look more awake. Cherry Me is a well pigmented and is Perfect for the spring time, as is Peach kiss, it is a beautiful pink going into red colour and as well as adding colour to your lips it also adds a bit of gloss. 

My next favourite is a hand lotion, I think it is always good to carry around a hand lotion and the one I have recently been using is Soap&Glory Hand Food, I am not going to bore you by going into how amazing it is because I know most of you have either got it or have heard about it. But I am just going to say it is very hydrating and smells fabulous, my friend bought me my one for Christmas and it has been in use ever since. The 50ml one is also a great size for me to just throw it in my blazer or bag and use it through out the day, because how clean are schools really?

My next product that has been in use none stop this month is another lip product what is my Avon Ultra Glazewear in Fachsia Frenzy what is a dark light pink. Again it is the perfect colour for your lips in spring as it is not too dark and since it is only the beging of spring I am not wearing my light pink lipglosses yet.

My next two products are going together as they are the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush shower wash and body butter. They both smell the same, gorgeous, they smell of Lime and have Lime oil and Kiwi juice water in and smell very zesty and remind me of summer. I purchased these just after Christmas in the Christmas Sale at boots and have been using them for three months and need to re-purches the shower wash. Both of the products leave your skin feel super soft.

Next is another make up favourite and it is... Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara. My older sister uses this and could only tell me amazing things about this mascara so I had to try it out. I had got sick of the mascara I was using as it was just adding length to my lashes and not giving them any shape so at the beging of March my Mum and Dad were going out and I asked them to pick me up the mascara and ever since I have been using it. It creates an amazing shape on your lashes and I have nothing bad to say about it, I don't think I will be changing my mascara any time soon.

Another favourite of this month are hair products the two I have been using in my hair this month is the VO5 heat protect spray and the Smoothly does it hair mousse. I am one of the many who are noth lucky enough to have curly or straight hair so I have to either curl my hair or straighten it so heat protection is vital. Also I like to use the smoothly does it mousse for when I am either straightening my hair or having it natural, and I want it a bit calm, these to products are perfect for anyone who uses straigheners nearly every day, like me.

A food favourite of mine this month have been the sweets Flumps, my grandma got me and my sister some when we stayed over at hers and my uncle bought me some the day after, I think they are trying to make me more fat. So this month my favourite food/sweet are Flumps. When I was trying to revise for my assessments I literally sat in my room music playing eating mini Flumps!

My favourite thing to read this month has got to be Company Magazine, Zoe was on the front cover of this months issue and she is just amazing and one of my many inspirations. I love Company Magazine because it isn't filled with just interviews it has fashion and makeup and even music in it. If you are like me and love fashion and make up and getting inspiration for new outfits or what buy or new hair looks and makeup looks Company is the magazine for you!

My favourite sent this month is Taylor by Taylor Swift, of course. My mum and Dad got me this for Christmas and this month it has been in use the most as it is such a sweet, floral sent what is perfect for the spring. The packaging as well is just so cute!

My TV favourite of March is Pretty Little Liars, I am still only on series one though. Two of my friends got me into watching it and I am officially obsessed, I just want to get series four! So thank you Gemma and Jess forgetting me in love with a tv program. 

My favourite song of this month are...
5SOS- She Looks So a Perfect 
The Vamps-Last Night
Katy Perry-Dark Horse

That is all for this blog post, I know there have been a lot of oictures on this post but all of them are mine except the last one of Pretty Little Liars. 
That is all for now, see you soon
Ailish Elizabeth xx

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