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I've never watched the Teen Choice Awards but I have reviewed the fashion twice, so I thought why not do it again. 
All the pictures I have used are from google or instagram, obviously I wasn't there.
So, here is what I think of the fashion worn at the Teen Choice Awards.

Lucy Hale 

I love Lucy Hale and I normally love what she wears and at the Teen Choice Awards, it was no different, I loved her dress so much.
She wore a lovely embroidered mini dress and the top half of the dress was a yellowish gold colour and bottom half was a really nice dark pink and I think she looked so beautiful. Her makeup too was so pretty, it was very simple but her eyes popped and kind of matched the skirt part of the dress as it was a lovely crushed berry shade. 
I loved it and she was probably my favourite look of the night.

Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine probably wore my second favourite look of the night, I think she looked so pretty, like always, and I just love her hair.
I am not sure if she wore a jumpsuit or if it is a two piece, but whatever it is I love it. I really like the sheer blouse with the silver detailing and then the silver detailing on the shorts, I think it just looked so nice.
Her makeup was very simple and I have noticed that she does wear very simple makeup and normally some colour on the lips but I loved the lipstick she was wearing and obviously her hair looked amazing.

Victoria Justice

She looked stunning. I really really liked the white jumpsuit, which I think it is, it just complemented her skin so well or her skin complemented the jumpsuit I don't, it just looked amazing on her. Also, I heard that the cut out on the front is mesh and if that is true that mesh to skin comparison was so good, because you cannot tell.
Again, someone who went very simple with their hair and makeup and I loved it!

Vanessa Hudgens

I feel like what Vanessa looked amazing. She was wearing a really pretty bell sleeve blouse which I love and a pair of metallic patterned highwaisted trousers. The blouse was very simple but it looked so nice with the trousers and they really made it a WOW outfit.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie also wore a pair of patterned trousers, but she wore them with a matching patterned crop top and I am not sure how I feel on it, I liked it but I don't know if it was too much of that pattern. However, I do love her trousers and would actually love a pair of them and I also liked her shoes.

Rita Ora

I don't think I liked what Rita Ora was wearing and I feel like Rita Ora wears somethings I really like and other things I just don't and this is one that I don't like. She was wearing a long pink dress with silver heels and I don't know if the pink, I just don't like that shade but I just don't love this.

Alyson Stoner

I loved Alyson Stoner when I was younger and feel like she sings now, I am not too sure, and that is why she was there but I don't care, I liked what she was wearing. I feel like what she was wearing was very casual but very cute. She was wearing green trousers, which I really really liked and yellow floral top which was very summery and cute. Also, her hair and makeup was very simple but nice again.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown looked so cute, like a literal ray of sunshine on the carpet. She was wearing such a cute yellow midi dress with the prettiest heels, which I really liked. 

Katherine Langford

I really liked her dress, like it was so pretty. It was such a cute pale blue blue dress with gold detailing and I really liked it and it was slightly high neck, which I love.

Lili Reinhart

I am unsure about this, I don't know what I think. She was a nice lace red dress, which looked a bit over sized and underneath it she wore black body suit but just don't know if I like it. Her makeup was nice but I don't like her outfit.

Louis Tomlinson

I had to mention Louis, he is my favourite and I liked what he was wearing, it was very Louis and that is what I like, he didn't change the way he dressers for the show. It was very simple and Louis and it was all black and white which I really really like and yeah I love it!

So, that is my review of the Teen Choice Awards fashion, personally my favourites were Lucy Hale and Madelaine Petsch, comment below who you think the best dressed was.

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