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Hi guys, I am sorry I haven't put up a post in over a month.
My last post was in October and it was about my trip to London and the one before that was in September and it was a What's in my school bag, but I am back today sharing with you some of the things I have been loving in the past few months. Before I begin I would just like to say I am so sorry for not posting a new blog post in a while and the main reason why is due to school, I am in my last year of school and the start of this year I had a lot of course work and controlled assessments to finish off and then I just had my mock week and now I am just doing a lot of homework and revision and I stay behind most nights in school, so yeah I am so sorry I just can't find the time to write blog posts. Now onto some of my favourite things!

Makeup Favourites 
MAC Viva Glam ii
I love this lipstick, and it has recently become my most worn and favourite lipstick ever! It is the perfect nude shade and I have noticed it goes with everything, I wear it for school with the most minimum makeup ever and then also when I am wearing a lot of makeup with foundation and eye shadow, so yeah it just goes with everything. I bought this when I went to London and I am so glad I did and I think all my friends know that this is kind of the only lipstick I wear at the moment.

Eyeko Me and My Shadow in Taupe 
If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I got this for Christmas and I went through a phase of loving it so much and then during the summer I just stopped wearing it, mainly because it is a bit of a darker eye shadow, but the past couple of weekends I have been wearing it a lot and rekindled my love for it, it looks lovely on its own, but also with some other eye shadows creating a bold dark eye and think it is perfect for this time of the year.

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights
I bought this at the end of last month and I am so happy I did because I have had a lot of compliments on my highlighter. Before I bought this I did wear highlighter but I was running out and also it was not that noticeable and very subtle and I bought this to make me look more glowing and shimmery. This highlighter was super cheap and was only around £4 I think, but it is so good for £4 it is so noticeable and I have fell in love with highlighting, as I have never really cared about it as I prefer my eye makeup and mascara and eyelashes over face makeup and highlighting.

Book Favourites
Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
This is something else I bought when I went to London, and if you read that post I think I said a bit about it. For those who don't know what it is, it is a collection of poetry and is a journey of surviving, it is split into four parts of the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. The poetry in the book is so beautiful and when reading it you think it is beautiful but you know hidden down there is a deeper more meaningful message and some parts may sound really nice but when reading over you know it is about something more dark and twisted. My friend Gem and I both bought it when we went to London and we both have marked our favourite pages throughout the book, the picture above is one of my favourite pages. Also, a lot of the pages I have marked are at the back of the book as they are less dark and twisted and the ones at the back are more lighthearted and about yourself and other women and friends, I really recommend this book.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, I have a feeling I could of during the summer, but this book is probably one of my favourite books ever! I feel like everyone already knows what it is about and have read the book and if they haven't read the book they've probably saw the film, which I haven't saw yet. This book is just amazing, I loved every single one of the characters and connected and fell in love with them all, and obviously my favourite characters are Liesel and Rudy, I loved Rudy so much! For those who don't know what it is about, it is about the life of Liesel from death's point of view and is set during the second world war and Liesel goes and lives with a foster family on Himmel Street, here she develops into a young girl and grows a strong friendship with the boy in the street Rudy.  I just think everyone should read this.

 All the Words are yours Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson
It was my birthday the other week and off one of my friends Gemma I got this book, which each page has a beautiful haiku. I had been looking through Tyler Knott Gregson book around a week before my birthday with Gemma as a girl in my class had one of his books and I thought it was such an amazing book and the following week Gemma got me this book and I was so thankful for it. It is such a lovely book to look through and read, each page is just so beautiful, one of the pages is the picture above.

Random Favourites

Hollister Palisades Beach body mist
This is another present I got for my birthday off my friend Nicole, and it has also became one of my new favourite things. I am somebody who loves to smell nice but always forgets to have a body mist or anything in my bag and I always end up using somebody else's body spray and I now finally have a body spray that is going to stay in my school bag, so I always have it on hand. It is such a nice scent, it smells of fresh kiwi, peach and pink grapefruit with sparkling bergamot, it is such a lovely scent and is very subtle but you can smell it and isn't overpowering, which I love.

Mink Scarf 
This is another present I got for my birthday, this is off Niamh, my older sister. I did ask for this but I was very thankful for it. If you don't know I love scarves and I had a big blanket scarf but i could not use it this year, I kind of went off it and wanted something neutral that I could wear with anything, so I got this. It still is big, I am not too sure if it is a blanket scarf or not, but still it keeps me warm and is very pretty.

Gilmore Girls
Over the summer I started watching Gilmore Girls and I can't believe I only just started watching it this year, I am currently on season 6, as I stopped for around a month, and I am really annoyed with myself as I think if I never stopped I think I would have finished it and I could have watched the Year in the Life season, thing, which I want to watch now! 

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
I love I'm a Celeb and watch it every year and I normally always miss an episode but we are two weeks into it and haven't missed one yet, I've watched every single episode and I really like it this year. The celebrities this year are very calm and getting on and also are completing the trials so well, I think this year is just a really good year and there isn't anyone in the camp who causes a lot of tension between camp mates, and I don't know if that is a good thing or not, but I think at the moment I can't really predict who will be the king or queen of the jungle, tell me who you think who it will be.

That is all for this post, I hope you all liked it and also hopefully my next post will be soon, I would love to do the twelve days of blogmas again, but I don't think I will be able to, but I will try and do some Christmas blog posts though. 


  1. Love post, Ailish! I specifically love that scarf! Super cute! Also, that MAC lipstick shade looks so pretty! Great post. x

    1. Thank you Guilianna, I know it is such a pretty and basic shade.
      Thank you for reading and commenting
      Ailish Elizabeth


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