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Hi guys!
School restarted this week and that means I have a new school bag that is full and I thought I would share the contents of my bag with you today. I did one of these last year and it got a lot of views, so i thought I would write another one this year. I have been in school for three and a half days now, so I kind of have it organised the way I want it and I have had a bit of homework already this year.

This is my school bag for this year, it is from Accessorize and it is the K The Madison Contrast Tote Bag and it is £29. It is a basic black bag, with two textured pockets at the front and a removable pocket inside. It is a bit big, but it is a perfect size for my school work this year and I can fit a lot into this bag. Now, here is what is in my school bag.

As I said before this bag has two textured pockets at the front and in them I keep things that may need throughout the day, as I can easily reach them. So, in the pockets I keep my Body Shop Coconut hand cleanse gel and hand cream,  I also have in the pockets coco butter Vaseline, Ted Baker body spray and my NYX Butter gloss. Then in the other pocket I keep my house keys, so when I am working home they are easy to reach.

This is the extra pocket in my bag that is removable, in the picture it looks tiny but it is kind of big and can fit a lot in.
This is what I keep inside that removable bag/pocket, I also keep my lunch in it, but obviously it isn't in there today. I have my two pencil cases, one my school provided for us and inside it just has a ruler, a protractor, a rubber, a sharpener, a purple pen, a black pen and a pencil. Then in my pencil case I just have coloured pens, highlighters and then a few black pens. Also in the bit of the bag I have my Tangle Teezer, my navy scrunchie which goes with my uniform and is just from Primark and then finally I just little essentials bag.
My essentials bag is from Emma Lomax and my cousin got me it for Christmas, inside I keep my phone charger and portable charger, a perfume which is in the little case, then I have my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, then I have three lip glosses, I have a Tanya Burr one, Soap&Glory one and a KIKO one.

Then this is what I keep inside the actual bag, it is mainly work and I normally have my water bottle and I also have my umbrella in this part of the bag, as you can see. The work I have in my bag at the moment is some English work I had to do over the summer on A Christmas Carol and Blood Brothers, which is in the first zip folder with my A Christmas Carol book, then I have my English Language book as I had some homework to do over the weekend, next to that I have another folder and that is my biology and physics coursework and then I have an empty folder which I will use if I have any papers that are loose, then finally I have my planner, which I am going to try and use this year as it is a very important year for me this year.

I hope you all liked today's post, I love seeing what is people's bags, as I am a nosey person. Also I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I didn't know what to post and I just didn't have time, hopefully I can back to posting at least once a week. If you have any post ideas can you please comments them below too, thank you.



  1. Nice post! I use a backpack for school as I have so many books and they are all so heavy. I would love to use a smaller backpack for school but I know that mightn't happen for a year or two.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, I've never used a backpack for school, all the ones I look at just aren't big enough for my school books.
      Thank you,
      Ailish Elizabeth

  2. Lovely post, Ailish! Your bag is absolutely adorable. I wish I could carry a tote around, but my heavy textbooks don't allow for it. Best wishes this school year! x


    1. Thank you, I was so happy to find a bag that fitted all my work and books in for this year, as I know I will have a lot and this bag is perfect.
      Thank you for reading and commenting
      Ailish Elizabeth


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