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Hey guys!
Before I start today's post I would just like to apologies for the lack of posts on this blog recently, I just haven't had the time to write any posts, so I am sorry, but there is a post today!
If  you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that every year around this time, I have uploaded a post that is a get ready with me for a certain event, which is... Liv's birthday. So, like every other year, I am going to be posting a GRWM for Liv's birthday. Yesterday it was Liv's birthday BBQ and I thought I would share with you my makeup, my hair and my outfit!

This is what I looked like, and now I am going to tell you what I did to achieve this look.

TRESemme Perfectly (un)done wave wand
     Firstly, I did my hair. I actually did my hair a couple of hours before I left, just so my curls would fall and turn into more of a soft wave at the bottom. For anyone wondering, when I curl my hair I put it into sections, normally I have around four sections, as my top section I split into two, so the hair at top, at the front is always curled nicely. Also, it really depends how long it takes me to curl my hair, on a normal day my hair is normally wavy, as I sleep with braids in and it is easier to curl, and it takes around 20 minutes. However, this day it took a lot more time, as my hair was natural and straight, (and I was also watching Glee) it took me maybe an hour or just over an hour. Once I had curled my hair I just ran my fingers through the curls, so they start to fall out a bit.

As you can see in the picture above my curls had already to fall out. I clearly have no makeup on in the picture above, but I do have my Benefit Porefessional, and I also had put on the top I was wearing that day, because I was worried if I put it on afterwards my makeup could rub onto the collar, since it is high neck, so I just put it on before I did my makeup.
For my makeup I kind of just did my everyday makeup, but with eye shadow, but I am going to go through it anyway. As I said before I had already applied my Porefessional, after that I went onto applying my foundation, which is the same one I have used for a while, I just like this foundation and matches my skin perfectly, it is Rimmel Match Perfection, and for anyone wondering which shade I use, it is 001 light porcelain
Then on any spots that are showing I applied my concealer, Soap&Glory Kick Ass concealer, I also used the powder from this, and applied it all over my face. 
Then it was time to use my Maybelline Master Sculpt, which I am starting to love more and more. I used both the contour and the highlight and I have it in light/medium. 
Then I apply my blush from the Sleek Pink Lemonade Palette, and I used the shade Pink mint, and this shade is one I didn't like at first but now I think it is really pretty.
Once doing that, I use powder again, this time it is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in transparent. I again apply this all over my face.
My eyebrows, something I dread doing my eyebrows, just because how bad they are, instead giving you a link to the post about eyebrows, I am just going to tell you what I do. I use a spoolie first and brush out my eyebrows, then I use the Collection eyebrow kit in brown, I think. I use the lightest shade and just fill in my eyebrows. Afterwards I apply the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown. 
Once doing my eyebrows, I go onto eye shadow. I didn't really think about my eye shadow when I was applying it, I just looked into my Naked 2 palette, and my eyes went straight to my favourite eye shadows and just wanted them on. For the eye shadow that went all over my lid, I used YDK, I love this eye shadow and just had to wear it, so that went all over my lid. Then I applied an eye shadow that I am not a big fan of and don't wear it that often, I think I've only worn it once, but I needed a shade for my crease, and I used Busted, and it is a really pretty shade, I just don't wear it. And, as I said I put this in my crease and blended it with YDK, and I thought it looked really pretty. Then I saw another one of my favourite eye shadows, Verve, I love this eye shadow too, and just had to wear it, so I put this in my inner corner, you couldn't really tell I was wearing it, but I knew I was wearing it so it was fine. 
So, once I had finished my eye shadow, it was time for mascara. 
Firstly, I curled my lashes, I have long eyelashes and they are really dark, so when I wear mascara you can't really tell, unless I curl my eyelashes, because they don't really curl. I curled my lashes, and then it was time for mascara, I love mascara and I don't feel like me, if I don't wear it, and I wore my favourite mascara, because I have been getting back into wearing that, and if you are wondering what my favourite mascara is, it is the Eyeko Eye Do Mascara, if you haven't tried it, you have need to.

Then, on my lips I wore my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm, I love this, and think it is such a nice shade for summer.
This is what I was wearing, you have saw it before, but I wasn't going to wear this, and it was actually a quick outfit change around half an hour or under that before I had to leave.
So if you are wondering what I was wearing it was:
High neck top: New Look
Burgundy Pinafore: New Look
White and Rose Gold leather Converse: Office

I thought I would share some pictures from yesterday, like I do every year, so here they are...
Me and Liv, obviously I wasn't ready to take this, even though I was taking it.

Gemma, Amber and I, all wearing our pinafores, although you can't really tell in this picture, but we were.
The final picture is one of my favourites, it is a Polaroid of Amber, Liv and I, it was suppose to be Amber, Liv, Gemma and I, but sadly my arm wasn't long enough and we thought Gem was init and she wasn't fully in it, only a tiny bit of her eye, sorry Gemma!

That is all for today's post, I hope you liked it, I will leave a link to Liv's other two birthday posts. 
Happy early Birthday Liv, hope you have a lovely day on Thursday, and I hope you liked this post.


  1. Awesome post! I love the soft curls, they look so effortless and cute.

    1. Thank you,they are my favourite thing to do with my hair, if I am using heat, as it is the quickest hairstyle to do with heat.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      Ailish Elizabeth

  2. I love your hair curly, it looks so beautiful!!

    1. Aw, thank you.
      Also, thank you for reading and commenting.
      Ailish Elizabeth


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