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Hi guys, I am finally back with a new blog post, and my first one post of 2016! I am sorry I haven't already done a post this year, after my last post I was just busy and then school re-started and I've just been trying to get back into my normal school life, so finally, today I am going to be do a post! Today's post is going to be my New Year's resolutions, I am not going to be doing my 2015 favourites, just because it will be a repeat of every month of last year! So, here are my 2016 resolutions!

Skin Care
This year I want to try and make my skin as clear and soft as possible, as last year most probably I was having the worst break outs ever, and though they go, they always reappear. Although last year I did take care of my skin, I sometimes would forget or just wouldn't do all my skin care, though I never sleep with makeup on, this year I just want to make sure my skin is clear as possible.

Picture Memories
If you read my blog last year, you would have saw that I wanted to add to add more to my memory board, what I have done, as you can see in the picture above (the majority of the pictures on the board are from Paris). This year, I want to add more to this wall/board, and I also want to add like a string with pegs on for my polaroids, and I have saw some on Urban Outfitters that I might buy. As you know if you have read my last post, you would have saw that I got a Polaroid, so this year I also want to take a lot of Polaroids, just to capture memories.

Write a sentence a Day
This was one of my New Year's Resolutions from last year, and sadly I did fail this, as after August or September I just forgetting to write in it, though I did write in it when ever I remembered to. This year I really do want to write in it a lot more than I did last year, and I've actually got a reminder on my phone to remind me everyday!

To Read 16 to 21 Books
This was one of my only New year's resolutions/ goals of 2015 that I actually succeeded, as last year my goal was to read 15 books and that is exactly how many I did read, although because of school work I don't think I read many, if any books during the last months. However, this year I want to do this again and get back into reading, as I do love reading. My goal last year was to read 15 to 20 books as I turned 15 last year, so I wanted to read at least 15 books, and this year as I am turning 16 I want to read at least 16 books. Also, this year I want to do a lot more book review posts as I do love doing them. Also, please comment below any book recommendations.

Take Care with School Work and Study More
For those who don't know I am currently in year 10, so it is the first year of GCSEs and preparing for them, I will have my exams next year in 2017, although I have done two of my french controlled assessments and have two more this year, what I am not looking forward to, but I do want to do good and the next two so I really need to just learn my speaking and writing. I also do triple science, or triple award science as it is also called, I don't really know how to explain what it is, it mainly means I do all three sciences and have nine lessons a week, and when it comes to doing my GCSEs I will be doing nine science exams. I really want to do well in all my lessons, but mainly my sciences, as I would like to carry it on when I leave school and go to college. This year in general I just want to work super hard on my work and also have it neat, so it is easier for me to understand.

I want to take my blog more serious again this year, I may start changing things, I am unsure at the moment what I want to do with my blog, but I have nearly had my blog for two years now, so I just want to make it as best as it can be.  Last year, I felt like my blog grew so much and I got a lot more views than I thought and the posts I did I personally liked to read and I hope you all did too. This year I just want to make my blog a better quality and write different types of posts, like ones you can actually get to know me through, as at the moment I mainly post a lot of beauty and music posts, so if there is any posts you would like to see from me, comment them down below!

Hope you liked this post, remember to come back next Sunday for a new post!



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